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very frustrating bank story - traipsing

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March 12th, 2009

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01:50 pm - very frustrating bank story
This is not my story, but it's noteworthy.

The day before we went on our spring break trip, Jon was looking over his bank statement recently, and there was a withdrawal for a larger amount than he usually withdraws, and he couldn't remember it.  We thought back to that date, and thanks to my "picture a day" project remembered very specifically what we had done that day.  We had gone to the bank a few days before, but that was the only time we could remember going during that month.  He was very concerned, so he called the bank and asked for more information and to report possible fraud.  The person he talked to eventually deigned to tell him that the withdrawal was made in Grand Prairie, which is at least four hours away.  It was supposedly made on a school day, and we definitely didn't drive up to the metroplex to withdraw a large amount of money, so we were convinced that it was definitely a mistake/possible fraud.  The person he talked to basically said "when we review the security tape and confirm that it was you, we'll call you back" and begrudgingly agreed to send Jon a copy of the transaction slip.  He also refused to put a hold on the account, saying Jon would have to do that in person.  Jon wanted to do that because he would be gone for the week and very reasonably suspected that someone had his account number and was using it.  When we got the transaction, it was clear that it was not fraud but an innocuous data entry mistake.  The name on the slip is not Jon's, and the account number differs from Jon's by one digit.  The other honest bank user's driver license number was also on the transaction receipt they sent us.  Enclosed with the transaction was a statement telling Jon that they would charge him for the document.  Clearly, no one looked into Jon's case AND they gave us some other person's private information.  That's just not acceptable.  We are good people and won't steal this other person's account number, but we now have all the necessary information, and it was given to us by the bank itself.

It should be noted that this gripe is only with the phone people.  Jon went into the local branch on Monday, and they said that it looked like a data entry error, they would look into it, and they would call him back on Thursday.  I don't know whether they have yet, but they seemed much more helpful.  I'm sure if Jon goes into the branch with the information he was sent, they will fix it.

This is probably a headache for the other person, too.  They withdrew money, it's been over a month, and they are either worried because their account isn't balanced or they figured they had made a mistake and might overdraw when the error is corrected.
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Date:March 13th, 2009 04:05 pm (UTC)
What bank do you use?
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Date:March 13th, 2009 04:48 pm (UTC)
WaMu. I'm thinking about writing them a letter because it's really disturbing that they were so lax on security about this.

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